IoT solutions for smart buildings & spaces

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Space utilisation

Ambiant is analysing the occupancy and traffic of people in a building and gives you recommendations on how to optimise space utilisation and precise expectations of future occupancy

Energy optimisation

Ambiant collects and integrates data from the thousands of sensors in a modern building, which provide insights on the cause of energy usage and as a result improve the energy efficiency

Employee wellbeing

Ambiant provides occupants with the information that enables a convenient stay in a building by giving e.g. an overview of available spaces/desks, Meeting room occupancy and direction to the nearest available meeting room



Ambiant provides intelligent recommendations and insights to both building owners and occupants.
Based on data from sensors in a property we deliver information and recommendations to building owners that will save costs by optimising space utilisation. Ambiant also use sensor data to give people a more convenient use of a building by helping them to e.g. navigate to free meeting rooms and create a working space that meet their needs.



Free up unused meeting rooms
Provide indoor way finding
Easily book meeting rooms




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